5/8 Inch Spindle Gouge – with 16 inch Thompson Handle





I wanted a 5/8 inch diameter spindle gouge and there was nothing like it in the catalogs.  So, I had Doug Thompson make one for me.  I love it!  

When I want to reach out over the tool rest, like getting the waste wood behind the bottom of bowls, this has more strength. When I want to pour the coal to it and hog off a lot wood, this has the strength.   I can turn small things with a big tool but I cannot turn big things with a small tool.  I can get the beautiful slicing action of a push cut on the outside of my hollow forms, which means less sanding and it leaves a great surface behind.

It is made of the best tool steel available, 5/8 inch diameter CPM, 10V steel, powder metal technology, cryogenic treatment, triple tempered and hardened to 62-64 Rockwell the entire length of the tool.

Available now is a Thompson handle made specifically for my spindle and bowl gouge. The handle is 16 inches long made from aluminum extrusion; it has a treaded end cap with steel shot for vibration absorption and a custom anti-roll 4-sided design. The Thompson handle fits all 5/8 inch diameter tools.  There are adapters available for other size tools.

This tool is available unhandled or with the Thompson handle.

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