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Advanced Techniques Class

Advanced Techniques Class

One Day or Two Day Hands-on Advanced Techniques Class

It is hard to find students at the same skill level and that want to take a class at the same time for workshops at my shop in Traverse City, Michigan.  Consequently advanced classes are usually done in a one-on-one session.  The individual attention is very productive.  I can cover the process for hollow form turning in one day.  I like to recommend that if possible students consider 2 or 3 days.  We can really kick it up a notch the more time we have.

Fundamentals of hollow form turning are explained in my DVD In-Depth Hollowing Techniques – The Easy Way which includes:

  • Captured boring bar set up
  • Captured boring bar usage techniques
  • Chucking procedures
  • 90 degree rule application
  • Hollowing techniques
  • Laser measuring system set up
  • Laser measuring system usage techniques
  • Use laser to control cuts through waste block of vessel
  • Individual instruction to explore creativity

The emphasis will be on making hollowing easy and fun thereby stressing individual attention on design and developing forms.

Students will learn to turn hollow forms with fingertip control and no stress. The fun will open the path to creativity and design options and encourage exploration. Hollowing is fun and easy, it is not hard work anymore.

My DVD, In-Depth Hollowing is 107 minutes long, produced and edited by Phil Pratt, and is available as a resource with detailed help for both boring bar system and laser system.

Download Advanced Techniques PDF


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