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Foundation Class

Foundation Class

One or Two Day Hands-on Class

I teach hands-on classes in my Traverse City Michigan shop, in students’ shops as I travel and for turning organizations all over the country.  The students’ skill levels vary a great deal so I tailor the classes to meet the turner’s skill level.  I do multi-student classes frequently.  I have four lathes in my shop. It is a challenge some times to get a number of students at the same skill level and have the same time frame for a class.

The most popular class format has become a one-on-one instruction here in my Traverse City, Michigan shop.  For the foundations class I use my Bowl Basics DVD as a prerequisite, so what used to take two days with multiple students now is easily done in one day one-on-one.  The individual attention is much more productive.

This class covers all woodturning basics from A to Z.  I will use the bowl format because it will allow me to teach all the turning skills needed for any type of turning.  These skills are transferable.  Even for those turners with some experience I believe a strong understanding of the basics will make turning more fun and enjoyable.  

Lyle Jamieson Foundations Class

Traverse City, Michigan Studio

Class Topics

  • Faceplate turning, start to finish
  • Lathe set up
  • Learn effortless tool control with bowl gouge
  • Roughing cuts
  • Bevel supported control
  • Pushing cuts
  • Pulling cuts
  • Scraping cuts with bowl gouge
  • Sheer scraping with bowl gouge
  • Grain orientation
  • Sharpening and jig use
  • Green wood properties and handling
  • Eliminate catches, no fear turning
  • Chucking techniques
  • Sanding procedures
  • Finishing tips

We have fun mastering tool control and secure chucking with glue blocks.  We put it all together and make a bowl, from design to bottom treatments.  The bottom line is I am into easy, I don’t like to work hard and I don’t like to sand.  Students will learn to make cuts to start sanding with 320 grit sandpaper.

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