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Lyle Jamieson DVD's

Lyle Jamieson DVD’s

I am proud to have a Video/DVD that illustrates the set up and use techniques for both my boring bar system and the laser measuring system.  It is not necessary to sand with course grit sandpaper.  The efficient, controlled tool cuts that I teach are paramount to enjoying woodturning.  That’s the bottom line…turning is fun!

In-Depth Hollowing Techniques

The Easy Way

Topic Listdvd-cover-hollowing

  • Introduction
  • Prepare blank
  • Start between centers on balance point
  • Roughing = bowl gouge use on side grain
  • Work in a series
  • Balancing grain orientation
  • Prepare faceplate concave surface
  • Bevel direction – tool control
  • Transfer of power, chucking
  • Prevent vibration
  • Design thinking
  • Sharpening
  • ABC’s bevel support push cut
  • Sheer scrape
  • Prepare entry hole
  • Hollowing system set up
  • Carbide cutter introduction and rules
  • Advanced techniques
  • Hollowing process with carbide
  • Laser set up and use
  • Setting cutter on center line inside bottom
  • Outside of goblet
  • Inside bottom hollowing
  • Stem of goblet
  • Parting off
  • Clean up bottom

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Bowl Basics

The Easy Way

For the first time…..everything you need to know about bowl turning in one place! There are a lot of pieces to this turning puzzle. Lyle’s process is not the only way, but it is the easy way.

Understanding the basics will let you take your turning to a higher level of fun and enjoyment. Your success is dependent on the foundation of turning building blocks you are using. This DVD is guaranteed to fine tune your process no matter what your skill level. Kick it up a notch!!

Two disc set, 4 hours, 20 minutes

Topics to capture every detail:dvd-cover-bowl-basics

  • Lathe setup
  • Tool control with bowl gouge
  • Grain orientation
  • Sharpening
  • Chain sawing
  • Face plate and Glue block uses
  • Bowl design considerations
  • Jamieson grind uses
  • Wall thickness measuring
  • Sanding
  • Green wood handling

And much-much more

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