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Live Interactive Remote Demonstrations

Live Interactive Remote Demonstrations

Ready to go LIVE WITH LYLE ??


WHAT: I have new ways to keep the turning fun and enthusiasm going.

NEW!! I am offering Live Interactive Remote Woodturning Demonstrations over the internet for turning clubs right in the comfort and safety of your homes. LIVE WITH LYLE

I offer demonstrations of my turning process for woodturning clubs and groups all over the world. I will tailor the format and fee structure for whatever your club needs or wants.  Please have your club board member or program chair give me a call to purchase my demonstrations for the club.


  • You don’t have to sweep up the shavings when I’m done.
  • You don’t need a shop at all, no lathe, no grinding wheel, no compressor, no chalk board, etc.
  • You can have a meeting in a school, church basement, or somebody’s living room, or wherever there is an internet connection.
  • No software or computer expertise necessary.  The equipment on your end is minimal and likely already handy.  All you need is a monitor and access to the internet and somebody’s laptop computer.
  • No travel expenses and reduced fee structure.
  • No software or computer expertise necessary. It is a free and user-friendly Zoom download, easy to join a meeting. 

This is a live and interactive woodturning demonstration; comments and questions live with audience participation welcomed. Easy to join an interactive demonstration on Zoom in the comfort and safety of your home. Have your club program chairperson call me for details.

WHERE: The comfort and safety of your own home.

WHY: This strange journey we have embarked on is a very trying time for all of us. We are separated from family, friends, and activities that we normally do not even think twice about undertaking. You can watch the demo, ask questions and make comments from the comfort and safety of your own homes. It is an easy free download of Zoom and then you just join a remote demonstration. Enjoy your time in the shop by staying connected. 

WHEN: Have your turning club program chairperson call me to book your club meeting time.

HOW: Two easy steps.

  1. Before the scheduled demonstration, load the free Zoom app or program on your computer, laptop, iPad, or smart phone. If you would like to watch a video tutorial, here is one on the Zoom website: This needs to be done prior to the demo time. It is easy and free but takes a few minutes for the download to process at You do not need to sign up for an account with Zoom, and you definitely do not need to enter a “free trial” of a paid account. It is FREE to join my meeting through Zoom. You do need to download the software. No credit card info needed. However, you do need to download and install Zoom. “Zoom Cloud Meeting app” free download. Go to for a free download.
  2. The club will distribute the Zoom access codes.  At the time and date of the demonstration click the link.  I will open the meeting one half hour prior to the demonstration time. You will be invited to join the meeting. Be sure to start with video. Once I admit you to the meeting be sure to join with audio. It is best to have the Zoom app/program loaded before the meeting. Click here for a PDF of zoom for newbies.

MY WORK: What I do best is teach woodturning techniques to turners at all skill levels. I put together an exciting program of methods, techniques, tips-n-tricks, and concepts. The more methods and ideas we are exposed to, the more we expand our horizons. Sharing is the most important asset we have. To see my turning work go to the galleries menu above.


  • The lathe
  • The demo piece up close from multiple angles
  • Video of me as I address the participants
  • You can see and hear me and I can see and hear you
  • I can ask and answer questions live
  • You can ask and answer questions live
  • Picture in a picture use


  • No software or computer expertise necessary. It is a free and user-friendly Zoom download, easy to join a meeting. 
  • No travel expenses and reduced fee structure.


Lyle Jamieson Live Video Demonstration from Michigan to England

Cheam Woodturners UK host Lyle Jamieson demonstration On April 12th, 2018

Cheam Woodturners Guild hosted a demo by Lyle Jamieson. Cheam members and guests from five other clubs, gathered at the Mathematics Faculty in Epsom College, for what was to be a UK first – a remote live demo. The demonstration went well, with no audio or video dropouts during the whole two hours. Lyle was able to see and hear the audience. We in turn, had high quality audio and video through the College computers and projector. Lyle’s demo topic was the hollowing process and covered all the core elements one needed to know – all of which held our attendee’s attention for the full two hours. We posed a wide range of questions to Lyle all of which he gave full answers to. According to Cheam, it was almost as if Lyle Jamieson was in the room. The benefits are clear. The demonstrator has a good interaction with the audience and does not have the rigors of travel, setup, and take down. What’s more, major names on the international woodturning circuit can be brought in without the hassle of travel and accommodation expenses. And best of all, there’s no sweeping up afterwards! ~ David Buskell

From Joy Szott, from East Surrey Woodturning Guild

They think it was probably the first of its kind in the UK and I’m sure it will not be the last. The demo viewing was held at Epsom College on a large screen where we could see and hear Lyle working in his own workshop 3000 miles away…. a strange concept. He could hear and see us, and we could ask him questions. There was no noise from his lathe and no dust either…. wonderful! He used various cameras at his end showing the work at different angles. Sadly, the demo was over in just two hours and I think most of us would have loved a bit more time……so maybe another club will soon take up the idea and organize something similar and throw the doors open to neighboring clubs too. It would be well worth the visit. Anyone interested in looking Lyle up can find info at He also does demos on YouTube which are well worth a watch, with good close-up pictures of gouge positions against wood.


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