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Published Magazine Articles Written by Lyle

Preventing Catches through Tool Control 

More Woodturning Magazine Article – February 2019 

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Working with Burls

More Woodturning Magazine Article – December 2018

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Shopmade Hollowing Tools

AAW American Woodturner Journal – October 2014

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Carbide Cutters Are Here to Stay

AAW American Woodturner Journal – December 2011

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Carbide Cutters – Understanding All 3 Cutting Actions

Woodturning Design – Winter 2009

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Practical Hollow Form Tips – Vibration Issues and Control of the Hollowing Process

Woodturning Design – Summer 2007

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How to Avoid A Catch – Woodturner’s Fear Factor

AAW American Woodturner Journal – Winter 2006

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Red Hot Laser Measuring – Accurate, Fast and Fun But How Do We Use It

AAW American Woodturner Journal – Spring 2002

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Artistry in Wood – Turning Scores a Stellar Debut at Detroit Institute of Art

AAW American Woodturner Journal – Winter 2000

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Turned Torsos – Uncovering Creativity

AAW American Woodturner Journal – Summer 1998

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Five Ways to Avoid a Catch – Grain Orientation and Tool Control

AAW American Woodturner Journal – March 1996

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Green or Dry? – Three Alternative Approaches to Green Wood Handling

AAW American Woodturner Journal – June 1995

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Published Magazine Articles Written about Lyle

Body Talk – Figurative Sculpture an Inspiration to Marketing

Woodturning – June 2006

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Testing the Lyle Jamieson Boring Bar and Laser Wall Thickness Gauge

More Woodturning – August 2003

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An Interview with Lyle Jamieson

More Woodturning – May 2001

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