Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

I learned turning techniques from many of the masters in the turning world.  I sought out not only the best turners in the world, but I wanted to work with the best teachers in the turning field.  These experts were mostly self-taught back then.  There were no networks for the best turners to see new and different techniques.  In fact, many needed to make their own tools back then.  The end result is a process I developed that prevents obstacles and limitations from impeding what direction the turning enjoyment might take.  There are many different methods of turning.  Most all of them work.  There is not usually a right and wrong way with differing methods.  Some however are designed for a single purpose.  The method works fine for the maker’s signature turnings.  That’s the problem; many methods are not versatile enough to allow creativity and exploration on the lathe.

My goal is to share my methods and explain why they work.  The “why” is a deeper understanding from the “what” or the “how” of turning.  The “why” allows a student to discern and filter out the conflicting information about the differing methods.  I am into easy and I took the best methods from all the experts and combined the skills into an efficient and versatile process that is easy and fun.  It is all about the fun!  Why do we turn? Because it is enjoyable, not hard work!

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Turned from chestnut root burl

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