2 Inch Grinding Jig Guide


Holding screws included




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This tool is a grinding jig guide; it sets up the bowl gouge for a two inch setback from the tip of the gouge to the jig.  It is designed to be used with the Ellsworth and Jamieson Grind Bowl Gouges, but I use it for all my gouges now.  The guide will work with all grinding jigs including Wolverine, Ellsworth, Truegrind and Packard jigs.  

To use, simply screw it on the edge of any table and it is ready to use.  Put your grinding jig on your gouge and lay the gouge into the “V” block.  Push the gouge to the back of the guide and push your grinding jig up to the guide for a perfect two inch set back every time.  Extend the life of your tools.  This guide is a tool saver. When used to set the gouge for grinding, the accuracy will mean you don’t grind as much steel off the tool with each grinding.  A hole in a block of wood or a pencil line on the table will cause inaccuracies.  The “V” shape insures an accurate setting each time you grind.  

The key to using grinding jigs is repeatability.  You go to the grinder with the same grinding angle you had at the previous sharpening.  The more accurate the jig is setup, the less metal you grind away in sharpening.

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