You Tube Videos

You Tube Videos

I have many resources for turners, not just tools for sale. I have been a respected educator for decades, now teaching all over the country, and I enjoy sharing the methods that work so well. My YouTube videos posted a few years ago hold a wealth of information on the techniques and fundamentals of turning. They are a snapshot of a single piece of the turning puzzle. The latest YouTube videos are project oriented and continue to offer a quick viewing of different kinds of turning projects. I hope to post a large number of YouTube videos in the future to help turners get an idea or two to enjoy the lathe. I will still, and will always be, in teaching mode to show the techniques I use. These new videos will be about the project more than the process.

When you go to my channel you will see a total list of all the previous videos. They are timeless and worth looking back to see the techniques I perfected. Looking forward you can subscribe to my channel and YouTube will email you every time I launch a new video.

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Rough Turning

A Bowl

Lyle Jamieson demonstrates taking a square bowl blank and turning it round. He uses a push cut with a bowl gouge with ease. It is a finesse thing, not a strength thing.