I offer demonstrations of my turning process for turning clubs and groups all over the country.  The usual format is a one full-day demonstration, followed by some hands-on instruction days.  My focus will be the process.  I will spend significant time on both foundation elements for beginners and challenge advanced turners to take it to another level. Even though I am known for my boring bar system and hollowing I use the bowl format to teach tool control.  I like to suggest a two day demonstration so I have enough time to cover the turning process in much more detail.

Demonstration Includes:

  • “First Cut” Evaluate wood log, chain saw the grain to the best use
  • Lathe set up and tune up
  • Green wood handling, shrinkage, pith, turning, finishing and drying
  • Turn natural edge bowl, mounting without chucks, keep it simple methods
  • Dynamics involved to prevent catches
  • Modified swept back grind uses, roughing cuts, outside cuts, inside cuts, sheering cuts, slicing cuts, sheer scraping cuts, all with the same bowl gouge
  • Sharpening (a must see) for safe and fun turning, grinding jig usage
  • Slide show with creativity talk
  • Instant gallery design, form and finishes discussion
  • Reverse chucking and bottom applications
  • Dynamics of hollow form turning, preventing catches, and 90 degree rule
  • Turn a hollow form using Jamieson hollowing system using boring bar and laser measuring techniques
  • Show how I do my multi-axis Torso hollow forms

If your club or organization wishes to use a different format I can do any format requested. It is best to call me for the details of fee structure and outline a format that will best use my visit to help your organization enjoy turning.

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