Signature Jamieson Grind Bowl Gouge -with 16 inch Thompson Handle



  • Bowl gouge
  • 16 inch Thompson handle




Doug Thompson is manufacturing my design for a new and better bowl gouge exclusively for me and my students. You have two dedicated tool makers standing behind this gouge. Made in USA!


This is the best tool steel in the world—It is 5/8” diameter triple tempered CPM 10V steel—Cryogenic treated—Hardened to 62-64 Rockwell the entire length of the tool.

I chose to use the size of the shaft to describe my gouge.  Some catalogs describe the size of the gouge as 1/2 inch because they measure the distance across the flute.


This has a better flute configuration—Not a “V”, not a “U” shape—It is 12 inches long with a 7 inch long flute —It has a wider, parabolic flute shape than any other gouge made today—The flute change translates into easier, safer, better control.


It has the best and most versatile grind on the market—The Jamieson grind will do all the four cuts outlined in my DVD, Bowl Basics-The Easy Way. I have a “keep-it-simple” approach and this tool does it all—The grind has subtleties that differ from others in the turning catalogs—The fatter sweet spot makes the cuts easier to control. Not sold in any catalog.  I guarantee you will like it.

Bowl Gouge also available unhandled or wood handled.  The Thompson handle fits all 5/8 inch diameter tools.  There are adapters available for other size tools