Masters Package

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  • Everything in the Basic Package
  • Designed to fit any lathe
  • Plus the Carbide Cutter Assembly

In-Depth Hollowing Techniques - Download

For the first time, In-Depth Hollowing Techniques - The Easy Way with Lyle Jamieson is available for purchase as a digital download.


In Depth Hollowing Techniques - DVD – optional

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Product Description

You get two big advantages with the Jamieson/Hunter carbide cutter. The first advantage, never sharpen again. Just twist the cutter to another razor sharp area until it wears out and put a replacement cutter on the swivel assembly. There is no grinding or sharpening this tool. Tool life is 25-30 times, even up to 100 times your expectations with quality HSS. The second advantage is the slicing, angled cut that leaves a much preferred surface behind than the original scraping cutter. It produces a finished surface that needs less sanding and less end grain fiber tear out. You get the advantage of clean slicing cuts with the Jamieson/Hunter carbide cutter tool supported in the Jamieson Hollowing System. This is the best of both worlds; you get both ease and efficiency. The carbide assembly comes with the 3/16 inch machined shaft, high tech nanograin Jamieson/Hunter carbide cutter, torex screw, torex wrench and a protective cap. Just place the Jamieson/Hunter carbide cutter assembly into your swivel tip assembly replacing the 3/16 inch HSS scraper cutter. The carbide cutter should be angled to the left when inserted in the swivel holder. Different then the scraper cutter, the cutting motion will always be to the left when cutting up under a high shoulder vessel. Make sure to get the waste wood out of the middle behind the shoulder of the vessel. The cutter will cut pulling toward the shoulder of the vessel when the cutter is swiveled to the left. This produces a sheering/slicing shaving rather than scraping sawdust. Try it out on the nastiest wood you can find and you will be a believer!

Jamieson/Hunter Carbide Cutter Assembly – actual size of cutter shaft is 1 ¼ inches – size of carbide cutter is 3/16 inch or Hunter #1.
Carbide Cutter Assembly

The Master’s Package includes:
Basic Package
Carbide Cutter Assembly

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