June 12, 2021, 3:00-5:30pm, Eastern Time, Saturday, Thin Walled Goblet


Entertaining and educational.  The goblet is a good vehicle to teach spindle turning and to demonstrate the fundamentals of hollow form turning.  Guaranteed to learn some new perspectives.  You will get an understanding on tool control, chucking issues, support problems, vibration issue, grain orientation, carbide cutter use, hollowing in stages, and laser measuring techniques.  Come and see techniques for both outside and inside of hollow form turning.  Discover easy and safe techniques for all skill levels.



Turning is not hard work anymore, it’s all about the fun.  It is a finesse thing; no strength is needed. I let the lathe and tools do all the work and absorb the forces of turning.  I am more of a teacher not an entertainer. My demos are fun to watch but they are designed to be instructional. You can see my work in the Gallery menu above.

My demo will walk through creating a thin-walled goblet, concentrating on tool control, chucking issues, support problems, vibration issues, preventing catches, grain orientation, turning in stages, and finishing.  You will learn techniques for both outside and inside of goblet turning. My goal is to start sanding with 320-220 grit sandpaper on the outside.

Guaranteed to discover some new perspectives, my demonstrations are designed for all skill levels to benefit from these methods. This is not a sales pitch or review of any tools.

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