A revolutionary Fire Sprinkler Ball, extinguisher, and alarm.

Automatic fire extinguisher on standby activated by flame.




According to NFPA, more than 80 percent of all fires start in Kitchen, Furnace room, Heaters, or Electrical panel. 

What about your shop fire hazards?

Patent pending designed to quickly disperse a safe dry chemical fire extinguishing powder using a loud but otherwise safe burst to put out Class A, B, and C fires in 3 to 5 seconds. Disbursement area of 13 to 20 feet diameter. Install near sources of fire or toss it in a fire and move to safety.

Eight advantages:

  • Puts out fires automatically
  • Buys time
  • Battles A,B, and C classes of fires
  • Light weight
  • No water damages
  • Works while you are away
  • No inspections needed
  • Safe to environment and humans