3/8 Inch Diameter Bent HSS Swivel Assembly



  • 3/8 inch bent shaft
  • Swivel
  • Bolt and washer
  • 3/16 inch HSS cutter




It is important to open up possibilities with your tools, not limit them.  The swiveling tip tool holder allows an infinite range of cutting motion to reach any shape vessel imaginable.

The bent assembly was originally designed for the jumbo bar, however, the bent assembly is often used in the standard 3/4 inch boring bar.  The bent swivel allows greater access inside the shoulder area of a hollow form.

The bent swivel is used for most traditional shaped bulbous hollow forms and will allow hollowing through smaller mouth openings.  

The swivel assembly is compatible for both the HSS and Carbide Cutter.


  1. 3/8 inch bent shaft
  2. Swivel
  3. Bolt and washer
  4. 3/16 inch HSS cutter