Bowl Basics – The Easy Way DVD


2 Disc set

4 hours and 20 minutes





For the first time…..everything you need to know about bowl turning in one place!

There are a lot of pieces to this turning puzzle.  Lyle’s process is not the only way, but it is the easy way.  Understanding the basics will let you take your turning to a higher level of fun and enjoyment.  Your success is dependent on the foundation of turning building blocks you are using.  This DVD is guaranteed to fine tune your process no matter what your skill level.  Kick it up a notch! It is all about the FUN!

Once the rules are understood, the control will open new levels of creativity.  Two disc set, 4 hours, 20 minutes.

 Topics to capture every detail:

Lathe setup

Tool control with bowl gouge

Grain orientation


Chain sawing

Face plate and Glue block uses

Bowl design considerations

Jamieson grind uses

Wall thickness measuring

Sanding Green

Wood handling

And much-much more, there are 62 topic menu breaks.