Remote Live Demonstration

Live Remote Demonstrations
By Lyle Jamieson

What happens when you have a demonstration going at your club meeting?  Participants are sitting around looking at a monitor and listening to the demonstrator using a microphone and amplifier.

When I, as a demonstrator, am there in person, the participants can not all get up and stand behind me and look over my shoulder to see my techniques, they look at the monitor.  They are not all sitting directly in front of the lathe so they can see the shapes develop, they look at the monitor.

Soooo, why do I need to be in your shop?  With a Live Remote Demonstration I will have multiple cameras and live audio and video with good quality production. 

You will be able to see:

    • The lathe
    • The workpiece zoomed in close from multiple angles
    • Video of me as I address the participants
    • You can see and hear me and I can see and hear you
    • I can ask and answer questions live
    • You can ask and answer questions live

Added benefits are:

    • You don’t have to sweep up the shavings when I’m done
    • You don’t need a shop at all, no lathe, no grinding wheel, no compressor, no chalk board, etc.
    • You can have a meeting in a school, church basement, or somebody’s living room, or wherever there is an internet connection
    • No software or computer expertise necessary.  The equipment on your end is minimal and likely already handy.  All you need is a monitor and access to the internet and somebody’s laptop computer.
    • No travel expenses and reduced fee structure.

Have your club Program Chair or President give me a call for details.

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